Shipping & Containers

The Hecny Group is currently working with the regatta organizers to centralized and simplify the round trip shipping of your boats and gear. The services will include, the booking, the trucking both at origin, and in the USA, Origin and USA Customs and ocean freight to from the event.

The regatta site is available to arrive beginning on Oct 5th, 2022 and available to stay thru Oct 18, 2002.

Additional storage can be arrange by contacting the regatta chair.

Containers and Roll-on Roll-off trailers can easily arrive at multiple ports including Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Brunswick and Savannah. Other ports are also available, and you should pick whatever works best for you.

We can assist you with pick up service for both container and trailers as well as on site lift service to put the container on the ground if necessary. Containers can remain on the chassis or be put on the ground. We are happy to help coordinate lifting to minimize costs.

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