Personal Sponsorships

We’re pleased to announce that you can be a Personal Sponsor of the 2022 Red Gear Racing Championships!

Below are the benefits and the sponsorship levels we offer. Once you’ve decided your level of sponsorship, please contact our Regatta Chair at your convenience.

With your Sponsorship Level donation, you will receive:

  • An event Hat or shirt,
  • Optional inclusion of Marketing/Promotional material in Competitors swag bags,
  • A listing as a Personal Sponsor on both of our web sites ( and

Sponsorship Levels

  • HERO SPONSOR: $2,500
  • Rock Star Sponsor: $1,000
  • A Fleet sponsor: $750
  • B Fleet sponsor: $500
  • C Fleet sponsor: $250
  • Fleet captain sponsor: $50 – $150
  • Julie (anonymous)

Regatta Info

Many Thanks


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