Neurosomatic Specialists has partnered with us!

We are happy to partner with Neurosomatic Specialists. A therapist will be on hand at the worlds to offer complementary treatment for minor injuries on the course. They are also offering special rates for extended periods of therapy. Make sure you book your appointment early at The cost will be $45 for 25 minutes or $70 for 50 minutes. These appointments are available for booking October 13-15 from 7-10pm at

Whether it’s from injury, failed surgery, or overuse, any type of pain always begins with dysfunctional muscles. By analyzing one’s posture, movement, and gathering information about one’s symptoms and story, our Neurosomatic Therapists will know exactly what specific muscles to target and release that are causing your pain. Whether its disc herniations, any type of nerves damage, arthritis, headaches, bunions, or even TMJ, it all begins with dysfunctional muscle.

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